Who is André Lamoglia, international series heartthrob, who stayed with Giullia Buscacio and Jade Picon and enchanted Neymar’s sister

Heartthrob of the Spanish series “Elite”, the Brazilian André Lamoglia has drawn attention on social networks and beyond. Passing through Brazil, he recently became news for having stayed with Jade Picon at the party that player Vinicius Jr promoted to raise funds for his institute, in Rio, last week. Now, the buzz is the approach of the handsome guy with Rafaella Santos.

Neymar’s sister was one of those who fell in love with the actor and started following him on social media. André returned Rafaella’s “follow”. The two approached in the arraiá promoted by the ace in his mansion in Mangaratiba, last weekend. Sought, Rafaella’s advice did not say whether or not she continues dating the player Gabigol.

Jade Picon’s Rio life: meeting Grazi, new friendships, dinner with ex and rumors of a new affair

Rafaella Santos at Neymar's arraiá
Rafaella Santos at Neymar’s arraiá Photo: reproduction/ instagram

André Lamoglia attracts Rafaella Santos' attention
André Lamoglia attracts the attention of Rafaella Santos Photo: Reproduction-Instagram

Giullia Buscacio goes to meet a new affair in Europe; actress lives romance with actor of international fame

Jade and Rafaella were not the only ones to be enchanted by the heartthrob. At the beginning of the year, he had an affair with Giulia Buscacio. The actress even went to meet the actor in Madrid, Spain, where André currently lives.

André Lamoglia is 24 years old, is from Rio de Janeiro and is the brother of fellow actor and comedian Victor Lamoglia. On Instagram alone, he has 2.6 million followers.

André became known worldwide for playing the character Ivan, in the series “Elite”. The role, won after many tests, was talked about because of the sex and nudity scenes he starred in. Because of the recordings, he now lives in Europe, but he often visits Brazil. Around here, he has acted in the series “Juacas”, in the children’s “Detetives do Prédio Azul” and participated in the soap opera “Rock story”.

Andre Lamoglia is 24 years old
Andre Lamoglia is 24 years old Photo: reproduction/ instagram

Jade Picon exchanged kisses with the actor
Jade Picon exchanged kisses with the actor Photo: reproduction/ instagram

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