You can win BRL 200 every day on Magalu promotion

Magazine Luiza (Magalu) launched a new promotion where it intends to distribute 10 daily pix of 200 reais to its customers. The action was called “Pix da Lu” and takes place through the company’s app until August 5, 2022. The amounts can be used in Magaluplay digital accounts in new purchases through the app or in stores of the retail chain. Winners will also be able to pay water, electricity, telephone bills and more.

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Magalu launches “Pix da Lu” promotion and can pay R$ 2 thousand per day

The objective of the campaign is to attract new customers to the app, in addition to further engaging existing consumers. In this way, the program receives new downloads and gains a longer usage time.

According to the Exame portal, Magalu’s marketing director said the following: “In addition to the fun, this campaign will allow more people to experience the benefits of our Magalupay digital account, which is completely free.”

How to participate and compete for daily pix?

All people interested in participating must download and install the Magalu app on their cell phone. Then, you need to log in and activate the digital account within the Magaluplay payment platform. Finally, access the app every day and click on the banner that indicates the promotional campaign.

By clicking on the ad within the app, the customer starts to compete for the daily draw. This must be done every day. If you win, Magalu sends a notification to the registered cell phone informing you about the prize.

There will be 10 pix every day, until August 5, worth R$ 200 each. All the people who win the prizes will be on the list published by the company on its hotsite. To gain access, just browse the link Once that’s done, just be lucky to receive the money and spend it as previously informed.

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