Advisory confirms the end of Fernando Zor and Maiara. read note

After the LeoDias column revealed firsthand that the relationship between Maiara and Fernando came to an end, the team that represents the singer confirmed the information, without further information. Read the advisory note below.

“We confirm that the couple is no longer together, but we will not give any details about the breakup,” they told the column. It’s been about three months since their last reconciliation so far. As previously mentioned, close friends of Maiara say that she is doing very well, reacted calmly to the end of the relationship and is completely focused on her professional career.


“She didn’t cry, she kept silent, commented later on what had happened and kept the work routine”, they said. Friends guarantee that Fernando’s emotional instability is the main issue in this relationship. But no one doubts the feeling of both.

How was the end of Fernando and Maiara?

“There was nothing, do you believe it? Nothing,” said a source close to the two. “They spoke on Wednesday and broke up. No explanation, no fighting, no screaming….”, he added.

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