After ‘open marijuana’, Filipe Ret is investigated for drug trafficking | Rio de Janeiro

Filipe Ret appears offering what would be marijuana in a bucketDisclosure

Published 06/30/2022 11:25 | Updated 06/30/2022 13:24

Rio – Rapper Filipe Ret has been investigated for drug trafficking after posting photos in which he allegedly offers marijuana to guests at his birthday party, which took place on June 23, in Rio. In images posted on social media, by the artist himself, he appears holding a bucket with what appears to be narcotic cigarettes. The information was confirmed by the report with the Civil Police.

According to the penal code, among the various conducts that characterize the crime of drug trafficking is the act of delivering drugs for consumption or supplying drugs, even free of charge.

Celebrities who were at the party should be summoned to testify, at the DRE (Delegacia de Reprimido a Narpente) in Cidade da Polícia. Among them, there are procedures to be sent to the player Ronaldo Fenômeno, the surfer Pedro Scooby, the influencer Jade Picon, the actor Douglas Silva, and the Olympic athlete Paulo André.

The event reverberated on the networks and was called an ‘open beck’, similar to the usual ‘open bar’, which offers free drinks. The images went viral on the networks and many netizens pointed out that nothing would happen, due to Ret being famous. “Really, marijuana is only illegal for those who have less than six figures in their accounts,” wrote one netizen.

The rapper’s 37th anniversary event was also attended by other celebrities, such as: rapper L7nnon, MC’s Maneirinho and Cabelinho and surfer Ítalo Ferreira.

The report asked the artist’s advice for a position.

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