Alexandre Frota answers Claudia Raia: ‘He still hasn’t forgotten me’

After Claudia Raia exposed Marisa Monte and claimed that the singer lost her virginity to Alexandre Frota, the federal deputy (PSDB – SP) spoke out and regretted the fact that the actress “still hasn’t forgotten him”.

In a publication made on Instagram Stories, the politician said that the actress was wrong to address an intimate subject of him and the singer. “I’m really sorry that Claudia Raia still hasn’t forgotten me. With all due respect, I think she’s making a mistake, she’s getting funny over time,” he began.

In addition, there were also criticisms for the presenters of “Saia Justa” (GNT). Frota condemned their attitude as they laughed at the situation. “He still put Marisa in the gossip. The most interesting thing is Astrid [Fontenelle] laughs (more predictable impossible). The other two, I don’t know who they are or what they do, and Sabrina Sato can’t laugh a lot, because if we start talking, there will be a lot of laughter. Worse than the ones who gossip me, only the ones who stop to listen to them,” she said.


The actress was bothered by always resurrecting her marriage with the federal deputy, and exposed that the singer lost her virginity to the congressman, who at the time worked as an actor.

Raia explained that she can’t stand being always associated with Frota anymore, as it seems that “only” she was married and had a relationship with the deputy, when, in reality, he was also involved with other famous people.

“I go through this, love. Only I dated Alexandre Frota, only I got married [com ele]. Marisa Monte lost her virginity to Alexandre Frota. So it wasn’t just me. I’m just sharing some of the weight here”, declared the artist, after Sabrina Sato said that she was “delivering everyone”.

Alexandre Frota and Marisa Monte dated in the 1980s, when he was featured on TV and theater stages. Last year, while participating in the “Love Treta” podcast, the parliamentarian recalled his involvement with the singer, and said that people did not know about her past with her.

“I met Marisa Monte many years ago, in Rio, doing a play by Miguel Falabella, the ‘Rocky Horror Show’. She was my girlfriend, nobody knew. for a while. I stayed at her house for many years, in Urca. She was already singing a lot at that time and did the Falabella musicals”, Frota reported.

The first meeting reported by Alexandre happened in 1982. The artist became successful throughout Brazil only in 1989 after the release of the song “Bem Que Se Quis”.

Frota even wished that Monte “don’t be sad” for having exposed their relationship, and praised the artist, whom he called a “great woman, a nice person and who has a job of respect the world over”. .

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