América-MG ends fast, wins Botafogo and forwards place in Copa BR

After five games without scoring any goals, América-MG soon scored three at once – all in aerial ball – and beat Botafogo 3-0, tonight (30), in the first leg of the round of 16. of the Brazilian Cup. The triumph at home, at Arena Independência, left Coelho with the classification forwarded to the quarterfinals.

The drought in the attack made the coach Vagner Mancini make changes in the team. One of them was Wellington Paulista, who scored the first, just after 5′ of the first half. Another change was Danilo Avelar acting on the left. And the side scored the second of the team, at 34′. In both goals, the assistance was provided by Patric, who was looser on the right. In the second stage, Marlon gave final numbers to the confrontation, at 13′.

The return duel between the teams will take place in two weeks, on July 14, at 9 pm, at the Nilton Santos stadium. To advance, General Severiano’s team needs to win by at least four goals. If they win by three, the decision of the spot will take place on penalties. Alviverde, on the other hand, advances winning, drawing or even losing by two.

Who did well: Patric consecrates himself

The right side of Coelho had freedom to cross the ball in the area and had the good aim of his teammates to stand out. He made the assists for the first two goals and even created other danger shots. On defense, little was done.

Who was bad: Kanu, Carli and Philip Sampaio

Botafogo’s defense trio simply didn’t work in the match. Even though everyone was over 1.85 m, they sinned too much in the aerial ball. Underneath, they also showed slowness and allowed the opponent to arrive at speed through the middle.

Botafogo performance: Matheus Nascimento saves

The formation with three defenders did not give defensive support to Glorioso and still made it difficult to produce offensive in the first stage, even so Matheus Nascimento, the best of the team, bothered the marking and got two finishes on the beam. Gatito, with two great saves, avoided a rout.

In the second stage, Luís Castro dismantled the formation, putting Saravia on the right and Jeffinho in the attack. The team came back more connected, but continued to suffer with the opponent’s style and was unable to create in the attack.

América-MG’s performance: Changes have an effect

Coelho came from five matches without hitting the net and, therefore, coach Vagner Mancini promoted changes that had an effect. The entry of Danilo Avelar as left-back gave Patric freedom to move up the attack and help with offensive production.

The first goal came precisely in a cross from Patric to Wellington Paulista, another bet of the coach – overcoming Aloísio, who was the most quoted to be a starter. The second, in a new cross by Patric, was scored by Avellar.

Boot starts slow and Coelho takes advantage

The team from Rio took a while to wake up in the match and the home team took advantage of the best moment to open the scoring, right at 5′. Everaldo avoided the ball out and rolled for Patric to cross in the measure for Wellington Paulista to test down and swing the net.

At 11′, the striker still sent it to the net, after a cross by Everaldo from the right. However, the flag marked offside and canceled the goal.

game stays open

After 20′, Fogão woke up and managed to balance the clash. Daniel Borges crossed and Matheus Nascimento stretched out on the cart to deflect and send the ball on the post. Two minutes later, at 22′, the striker hit the post again, this time hitting with his left leg.

Between the two moves, Pedrinho received a sugary pass inside the area, but took a long time to finish and ended up hitting on top of Gatito.

america expands

Again on top, the home team reached the second goal even before the break. In the 34th minute, Patric took a corner from the left and Danilo Avelar came from behind to gain momentum and climb higher than the mark, making a header and expanding the score.

In the 42nd minute, Juninho threw it to Alê who came face to face with Gatito, however the defender stretched his foot and managed to avoid Alviverde’s third.

Another goal in aerial play

Botafogo came back from the locker room in a hurry to try to reduce the damage, but Alviverde followed their rhythm of play and managed to score the third, at 13′. with Ale. Marlon, who had just entered, got up to the area and the midfielder sent it first. The ball still passed between Gatito’s legs before going in.

Before that, at 6′, Coelho had already missed a great opportunity to make the third, also from above. Patric took a corner, Wellington Paulista deflected it and Lucas Kal, on the second post, hit out, even with an empty goal.

intensity drops

Satisfied with the score, América made four of its changes between the 20th and 30th minutes, blocking the game and causing the rhythm to drop. Glorioso also moved, however Diego Gonçalves, who was fine, had a thigh injury and had to leave in the 39′, just 19 minutes after coming on.

next games

The two teams return to play for the 15th round of the Brasileirão. Coelho enters the field on Sunday (3), at 18:00, when he receives Goiás. On Monday (4), at 8 pm, Glorioso visits Red Bull Bragantino, at Nabi Abi Chedid.


Competition: Copa do Brasil – Round of 16 first leg
Date: June 30, 2022, Thursday
Time: 7pm (from Brasilia)
Place: Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Jean Pierre Goncalves Lima (RS)
assistants: Leirson Peng Martins (RS) and Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (SP)
goals: Wellington Paulista, at 5’/1st (BOT); Danilo Avelar, at 34’/1st (BOT); Alê, at 13’/2nd (AME).
yellow cards: Éder, Wellington Paulista (AME); Saravia (BOT)

AMERICA-MG: Cavichioli; Patric, Éder, Luan Patrick and Danilo Avelar (Marlon); Lucas Kal, Juninho and Alê (Juninho Valora); Pedrinho (Matheusinho), Everaldo (Felipe Azevedo), Wellington Paulista (Aloísio). Technician: Vagner Mancini

BOTAFOGO: Catito Fernandez; Kanu, Carli and Philipe Sampaio (Jeffinho); Daniel Borges (Renzo Saravia), Kayque (Del Piage), Patrick de Paula, Chay and Hugo; Vinícius Lopes (Diego Gonçalves and later Daniel Cruz) and Matheus Nascimento. Technician: Luís Castro

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