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The place in the quarterfinals for Fortaleza and Estudiantes will be decided in Argentina. Playing in front of the crowd, Leão took the lead with a goal from Romero, but saw the opposing team draw with Leandro Díaz. Tricolor had good opportunities and could have left Arena Castelão with the victory, but the draw keeps the team alive in the fight for another historic achievement.

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Vojvoda once again had to deal with embezzlement and made changes to the team. The initial tactical scheme followed the same, but Landázuri and Zé Welison started among the holders. Felipe started on the bench and entered the second stage. Silvio Romero and Moisés formed the attacking duo.

The first minutes were of opposing pressure and defensive adjustments by Leão. In the 24th minute, Romero hit the goal after Pikachu’s pass, but was ruled offside. Tricolor was finding a balance in the actions and began to invest in balls played in the area, since the passing game was not flowing easily.

Fortaleza, Estudiantes — Photo: Kid Jr. / SVM

The final minutes of the first stage were of Tricolor pressure, with attempts by Landázuri and Moisés. The teams went into the break with the most possession of the ball by Leão (60%) and four shots for each side.

Silvio Romero secured the goal for Fortaleza in the 9th minute of the second half after a good counterattack. Capixaba found the Argentine, who scored his fourth goal in Libertadores. Estudiantes immediately responded with exchanges and Leandro Díaz scored two minutes after entering the field.

Vojvoda bet on changing the scheme and gave up the three defenders, taking Landázuri for Romarinho. Crispim and Felipe also entered in the middle of the second stage. Igor Torres, who entered the final stretch, had a chance and scored, but from the outside.

With the result, the teams decide the spot on July 7, in Argentina, at 21:30. Fortaleza will suffer from the pressure of playing at the opponent’s house. Before that, Tricolor enters the field for the Brasileirão, against Coritiba on Sunday (3).

"The match is still alive for Argentina", says Márcio Renato |  The Voice of the Crowd

“The confrontation is still alive for Argentina”, says Márcio Renato | The Voice of the Crowd

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