Antônio Fagundes returns to Globo and delivers with whom he is married

Actor participated in Meeting with wife

Antonio Fagundes became one of the biggest names in dramaturgy. In 2020, he took everyone by surprise when he announced his resignation from Rede Globo, after more than 40 years.

After almost two years, the actor returned to the Rio de Janeiro station. But, calm down, it was all just a live broadcast at the “Meeting” of Fatima Bernardes.

In short, the presenter received a series of honors due to 10 years in the morning show.

Thus, Antônio Fagundes appeared on Globo’s small screens alongside his wife, Alexandra Martins.

“I think I had the pleasure of being one of the first on your show. How light, how delicious, how you made our mornings get better and better”began the actor.

Antônio Fagundes (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

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Following, Alexandra Martins also congratulated Fátima Bernardes for her 10 years in the “Encontro”.

“How nice it was to see this transition from journalism to entertainment, it was beautiful”, confessed the artist’s wife, who continued:

“How beautiful, how beautiful you do. Thank you for the affection you always received us”said Alexandra Martins.

Finally, Antônio Fagundes congratulated Fátima Bernardes: “Commanded with empathy and extraordinary. Congratulations on 10 years.”


In addition to drawing attention for his triumphant return to Globo – even if only in a virtual way – the actor left many netizens flabbergasted due to his marriage.

This is because, many did not imagine that Antônio Fagundes is married. In 2016, he exchanged vows with the artist and is experiencing the best outcome.

However, this was not the first marriage of the famous. From 1988 to 2000, he had a relationship with Mara Carvalho and between 1973 and 1988 with Clarisse Abujamra.

Antonio Fagundes
Antonio Fagundes returns to Globo with his wife (Reproduction)


In 2020, Globo wanted to break a 44-year agreement with Antônio Fagundes, which guaranteed him the right to record only three days a week.

This flexibility allowed the star to reconcile his TV commitments with the theater, his great passion.

Thus, Antônio Fagundes decided to refuse the proposal and opened his contract with Globo.

“The new model does not interest me”said the actor during an interview with “Notícias Da TV”.

After the dismissal, the artist took revenge on the carioca station and signed a contract with rival Hbo Max.

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