Antônio Fagundes reveals past with Globo actor and assumes: “Next door”

Antônio Fagundes is really seen as one of the biggest TV actors in Brazil. In the course of his career, the artist performed several works at Globo. Recently, for example, the famous decided to expose a video where he shows his past with a heartthrob on the channel.

On the day, the artist published a video from the time he made Bom Sucesso. In the video, appears Rômulo Estrela, one of the biggest heartthrobs of the station. In the caption of the post, the artist praised his co-workers.

See what Antônio Fagundes said. “Look how cool I found it here! Today’s #tbt is Good Success! A wonderful soap opera, with an amazing script and I still had people I love by my side like the dear @fabiulaa @romuloestrela @valentinasantosvieira “, he declared, all melted by the soap opera partners.

Antônio Fagundes reappears on Globo after dismissal

In a recent edition of Globo Repórter, a very relevant topic was addressed: individuals who have jaw-dropping memories. Thus, Sandra Annenberg and the others decided to interview certain people who have this ability, including actor Antônio Fagundes.

The 73-year-old artist, who left Globo, has in his curriculum several plots that have consecrated him throughout the country. However, a situation related to the artist’s trajectory steals the show. It so happens that he has an enormous facility for memorizing texts, that is, he only needs 5 or 10 minutes to record everything he is going to say.

In the commercial, Sandra talked about Antônio Fagundes. “We are going to meet people who have an enviable memory. The waiter who doesn’t write anything down and doesn’t mix up the dishes. The actor Fagundes manages to decorate pages and pages of text in a short time”. The artist spoke with the program’s journalists.

Antônio Fagundes commented that he memorizes everything before going on stage. “I leave it to memorize at the time of recording, but that takes between ten and five minutes. Then I record it,” he said. Another situation from Globo Repórter that Sandra Annenberg showed was a new research that shows the effects of the coronavirus on the brain of those who caught the disease and impairs memory.

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