At the Meeting, Fátima Bernardes became the Galisteu of Globo, but she was not the Oprah of Brazil

When she announced that she would leave Jornal Nacional for a solo project, Fátima Bernardes was willing to wash her soul and migrate to entertainment. And the promise was taken so seriously that the renowned journalist, one of the best known faces in the country in terms of credibility, chose to become Adriane Galisteu from Globo instead of investing in what everyone imagined: being the Brazilian Oprah.

The ten years of Encontro had everything and iconic moments, including the presenter dancing funk with Anitta or falling sprawled on the floor. Tiago Leifert must have cried blood when he saw that his then colleague from the broadcaster escaped faster from the clothes of journalism and became the queen of entertainment. All very competent with audience, quality and billing at the heights, if it weren’t for a serious problem: it ran away from the DNA.

While the viewer expected that at any moment Fátima would appear on the program asking how many beans are in the can or asking the audience to answer the phone and not say hello, but say “How are you, Fátima Bernardes?”, expectations around the Meeting were getting frustrated year after year, with so many reformulations and changes in the production’s supporting cast.

When thinking about what Fátima Bernardes promised at the infamous press conference in which she announced that she was leaving JN and journalism, she fulfilled it to the letter. Nowadays, no one thinks of her as that serious journalist who won so many awards or even responsible for iconic presidential candidate hearings. The presenter could be more considered in the Caldeirão to Jornal da Globo in an imaginary bookmaker in 2022.


The problem is that, although all of them are competent, Brazil has many Adriane Galisteu. Globo itself has Ana Maria Braga who shines like few others on Brazilian television when it comes to thinking about entertainment that reaches housewives. In addition to killing Fátima’s desire to experiment and fill the company’s coffers with money, what was the purpose of the Meeting? From an artistic point of view: nothing. The name could have been Charme, with Fátima Bernardes.

What was expected of her was light entertainment, fun, but with a journalistic bias in which the presenter tried so hard to escape. Interviews with politicians, celebrities, travel, everything first hand, could give a different DNA to the show. In the few times that Fátima did not try to escape from what she is, a journalist, the Meeting became much more interesting.

Was it worth the transition from Fátima Bernardes to entertainment? For her, certainly. For Globo, even more so. But for the viewer, it was a little taste of a new Adriane Galisteu, when we really wanted, a new Oprah.

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