Audi returns to producing cars in Paraná with the new generation of the Q3 SUV

After shutting down the machines in Paraná in 2020, the Audi resumes car production in Brazil with the new generation of the Q3 and the unprecedented Q3 Sportback, coupe-style version. Faced with the increasing dominance of SUVs in luxury car sales, the four-ring brand will only produce SUVs and no longer the a3 sedanas it has done in the last decade.

To reactivate the assembly line in São José dos Pinhais – where it shares space with VW for the production of T-Cross – Audi invested R$ 100 million. In this way, it has the capacity to assemble around 4,000 models per year in two work shifts. However, according to Audi’s President and CEO, Daniel Rojasthe brand is expected to deliver 1,500 units this year.

The return of manufacturing activities took place in June, with new machinery, equipment and infrastructure. And to put production into practice, the German chose the Semi Knock Down (SKD) scheme, with semi-dismantled kits imported from Hungary. Therefore, there are no national parts. According to the automaker, this method is an excellent alternative for low-volume vehicles, mainly in the premium segment. The CEO also confirmed that there is the possibility of producing other models at the Paraná factory. Even from 2023, the line should increase, operating with 200 employees.

New Q3 and Q3 Sportback

The Audi Q3 was launched in early 2020, just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite having already been produced here, it will be the first time that Brazil will manufacture the models with the quattro all-wheel drive – which started to equip the new generation. Initially, the production mix will be 70% for the Sportback and 30% for the Q3. It is worth mentioning that the SKD regime brings a decrease in import taxes, since it is on average 18%. However, there are no price reductions for the Q3, which starts at R$315,990 and reaches R$339,990.

Regarding the mechanical set, the new Q3 discarded the old 150 hp 1.4 turbo engine and 25.5 mkgf of torque, which was combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. So, to the allergy of SUV fans, it has now won the 2.0 turbo direct injection engine. With it, the Q3 reaches 231 hp and 34.7 mkgf. In addition, there is also the new eight-speed tiptronic transmission. Still, it is worth saying that this is the same set that equips the new VW Jetta GLIwhich arrived in Brazil this month.


In addition to the new engine, both the exterior and interior design follow Audi’s current lineup. That is, there is a lot of luxury. In the cabin, the highlight is the 8.8-inch display that is tilted towards the driver. According to the brand, the steering wheel with shift paddles is now standard.

And the IPI?

During the reopening event, there were questions about the negotiations made with the federal government to receive the tax credits accumulated since 2012 with the Inovar-Auto program. In it, the brand even invested R$ 446 million in the unit in Paraná. As a reminder, during this period, it was established that brands that invested in factories in Brazil until 2017 would again receive the benefit of the Super IPI. However, Audi did not receive this amount. Rojas did not give details, but commented that negotiations and arrangements are in progress.

Audi Factory

Investment in electrified

During the factory reopening event, Audi mentioned again that it will only launch electric and electrified models from 2026 onwards. And, as it is a global strategy, it will also serve the Brazilian market. Therefore, local production of electrified vehicles is in the plans. However, for now, there is no exact prediction.

With this, in addition to the investment of R$ 100 million in SUVs, the German company also officially announced an investment of R$ 20 million in the installation of electric chargers. According to the information, there will be an average of 43 new recharge points of up to 150 kW in stores in Brazil. The connectors will be CCS2 type. That is, they are compatible with vehicles of other brands.

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