Ban reporter has shown his son live before

Felipe Kieling, reporter for Band, with son on TV.  Photo: Reproduction / Bandeirantes

Felipe Kieling, reporter for Band, with son on TV. Photo: Reproduction / Bandeirantes

News summary:

  • Band reporter had to take his son to a live story and went viral on the networks

  • Felipe Kieling had already shown his firstborn on TV as a newborn

  • This time, he explained that he couldn’t get him to daycare and his wife was in a meeting.

This Thursday morning (30) was marked by an unusual scene on the Band News screen while Felipe Kieling communicated to the public the possible departure of Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain. That’s because her less than two-year-old son stole the spotlight from the report.

Correspondent in London, England, the journalist appeared on a link holding the little one on his lap, who even rips off one of his father’s headphones and cries as he passes on live information.

The scene ended up going viral on social media, as netizens were delighted with the boy on the station’s programming. On Instagram, Kieling explained that Lucas was with him at work because he “couldn’t go to day care” and his mother had an important meeting.

The detail is that it is not the first time that the child fills the father’s transmission with cuteness. Still a newborn, in July 2021, the baby slept on Felipe’s lap while he informed about the lifting of restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom.

At the time, presenter Paula Valdez was surprised by the child’s tranquility. “He was quiet, I’m thinking you overreacted with the crying thing. He’s a prince this boy! I already loved it! Another one from the Royal Family!”, joked the journalist. Check out Lucas’ latest appearance on Band News and Felipe’s explanation:

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