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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said he had not been vaccinated against Covid and criticized the immunizers in an interview with American TV Fox News, shown this Thursday night (30).

In the conversation, he also minimized the existence of racism in Brazil, deforestation in the Amazon and criticized the left and former president Lula (PT).

“If someone has already contracted the virus, the vaccine doesn’t really help. The vaccine would be innocuous. It was my case. It’s because I didn’t get the vaccine. But I bought vaccines for all Brazilians”, said the president, in conversation with the presenter Tucker Carlson.

Experts, however, recommend that people who have had Covid also get vaccinated, as the immunity guaranteed by vaccines is superior to that generated by contagion by the virus.

Carlson, 53, one of the main anchors of Fox News, the largest news channel in the US dedicated to the conservative audience, described Bolsonaro as the only world leader who admitted to not having been vaccinated, in a tone of praise.

The president said he was uncomfortable with the issue that manufacturers were not responsible for any collateral damage. In 2020, the Brazilian government was slow to close the purchase of immunizations. Since the beginning of the crisis, the country has added 671,000 deaths from Covid-19.

“I didn’t ask people to get vaccinated. I respect individual freedom. Everyone is free to get vaccinated or not. And I believe that about 20% of Brazilians decided not to take the vaccine,” he continued.

The president once again defended drugs that are ineffective against Covid, such as chloroquine and ivermectin.

In another excerpt of the interview, shown in advance on Wednesday (29) and repeated this Thursday, Bolsonaro said that a victory for the left in the October elections of this year will make this wing perpetuate in power.

“If the left returns to power, in my view, it will never leave power and this country will follow the same path as Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Brazil will be another wagon on this train,” Bolsonaro said.

In the latest Datafolha poll, former president Lula (PT) recorded a 19-point advantage, marking 47% of voting intentions in the first round, against 28% for Bolsonaro.

Throughout the conversation, Bolsonaro made several criticisms of the opponent. “Even before Lula took office, the left preached the division of people into identities, such as blacks and whites, employees and employers and people from the Northeast and Southeast, and they gained supporters for that,” he said.

He then commented on prejudice against blacks. “Yes, there is racism in Brazil, but not as it is often described. Most of our football players are of African descent. No problem,” he continued.

The president also played down deforestation in the Amazon, and said using more technology will help monitor and protect the forest. “We are not dependent on the international interest in preserving the Amazon. It is in our own interest and, of course, we want these conservation efforts to be rewarded in some way, through means such as carbon credits,” he said.

When talking about violence, he said that the easing of access to firearms has helped to reduce violence, and that he intends to advance in this if he is re-elected. “We will be able to pass gun laws very similar to those in the United States,” he projected.

The US has great access to weapons, but it has frequent shooting attacks against innocent citizens.

Bolsonaro also criticized polls in Brazil and said that Lula “wants to return to lending money to dictators around the world”, “disarm the good population” and “revitalize the MST”.

Presenter Tucker Carlson traveled to Brazil to make a documentary about China’s influence in the country and is conducting his daily program from the country this week. He recorded the interview with Bolsonaro on Wednesday morning, in Brasília, and also spoke with Flávio and Eduardo Bolsonaro, sons of the president, and with Filipe Martins, special advisor for international affairs.

Upon meeting Bolsonaro, Carlson posed for a photo with a headdress, next to the president. In the background, there was a shelf with various objects, such as a Caixa Econômica Federal logo, which generated debates on social networks.

Carlson hosts a political news and commentary program, aired daily at 8 pm on the east coast of the country.

The interview with Bolsonaro was presented with the president’s speeches narrated in English.

Carlson has defended unsubstantiated theories, such as the “great replacement”, which suggests that the entry of immigrants into the US would be part of a Democratic plan to make the white electorate a minority in the country and, thus, decrease the chances of the Republican Party winning. elections.

The American presenter has called Brazil the “last pro-US country in Latin America” ​​and considers it the only one that resists Chinese colonial efforts.

“China has become a dominant colonial power, taking control of countries through economic agreements, and then exploiting their natural resources and controlling their political systems,” the anchor charged on Wednesday.

China is currently Brazil’s largest trading partner.

The presenter also said that Brazil is an example of what can happen in the United States in the future. “Brazil has a very divided political climate. There is a nationalist party, currently in power and which controls the Executive. On the other hand, there is a globalist party. And the tone of politicians here is bitter. People go to prison in Brazil routinely. when they lose elections,” he said.

In 2021, the presenter traveled to Hungary and interviewed conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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