Brazil confuses “Capitão Contar” with “Lula Voltar”

At an event in Campo Grande, Bolsonaro interrupted his speech to “scold” someone in the audience

After President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was interrupted during an event this Thursday morning (30), in Campo Grande (MS), national newspapers were confused about the reason for the irritation of the head of the nation. The websites Metrópoles, Brasil 247, O Antagonista, Revista Fórum and Istoé shared videos with the excerpt from Bolsonaro’s speech to “scold” someone in the audience.

For Metrópoles, for example, right after the president says: “What’s missing for us to be happy…”, a man shouts: “Lula come back”. O Campo Grande News watched the videos several times and managed to identify that the person actually shouts: “Captain Contar!”.

Bolsonaro continues: “This one didn’t hear what I just said here at the beginning… when the good are divided, the bad ones win”, and the public goes wild: “Myth, myth, myth”.

Still according to the impression of Metrópoles, which subtitled the video (see above the edition made by the portal), at another time, the same person in the audience shouts: “Lula Presidente!”. Then, for a third time, Bolsonaro is interrupted, gets angry once and for all, and ironizes: “If you want to speak, come here… or if you are a candidate, go get the vote, so you can see how easy it is. Wait 28 years as a federal deputy and apply for the Presidency of the Republic”.

Twitter went crazy. The alleged presence of a supporter of Bolsonaro’s main rival, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), infiltrated this morning’s event, generated much comment. “The difficult life outside the playpen”, commented a user of the social network. There are those who try to correct the information as well.

In the other two interruptions to the president’s speech, it is more difficult to identify what he is saying, but in one of them it is possible to hear the word “governor”.

Context – What foreign newspapers do not have is knowledge about the political situation in Mato Grosso do Sul. Army captain and state deputy, Renan Contar, is a pre-candidate for the State Government by PRTB. Among others, the former State Secretary for Infrastructure, Eduardo Riedel (PSDB), who shared the Bolsonarism here in the State, is in the running for the same position. One wing wants the president with the successor of the toucan Reinaldo Azambuja, while Contar’s supporters are fighting for the pre-candidate for presidential re-election to garner votes for the state deputy, who was elected in the “Bolsonaro wave” in 2018.

This morning, Bolsonaro came to Campo Grande to hand over the keys to apartments at Residencial Jardim Canguru, built in the neighborhood of the same name with funds from the federal program “Casa Verde e Amarela”. The president appeared a lot alongside Riedel, although he did not declare support for the pre-candidate and Contar was also at the International Airport to receive the president and later, organized motorcycle racing with the participation of Bolsonaro.

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