Brazil vs Bulgaria LIVE (0-0) | 01/07/2022

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Júlia Kudiess closes the tip

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Pri Daroit strikes out

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Not long to go

Players being introduced

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stamped passport

The final phase will consist of the eight best teams from the qualifying phase. Scheduled to take place between July 13th to 17th, at Ankara Arena, Turkey

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Bulgarian summons

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Summoned from Brazil

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Adler László (HUN), Akinci Erdal (TUR)

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How and where to watch Brazil vs Bulgaria live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Brazil vs Bulgaria live will be broadcast by SportTV 2.

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Bulgaria results

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how are the bulgarians coming

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Speak up, Ze Roberto!

“Classification guaranteed, which was very important. It was our tenth game and the performance of the whole team was fundamental. A good part of the team participated in the game. These experiences are important for all players to feel the international level. Now the classification is already guaranteed for the finals, but we have to prepare for the remaining two games at this stage”.

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Results of the Brazilian National Team

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ball high

Brazil vs Bulgaria live face each other this Friday (1st), in Sofia, Bulgaria, at 14:00 (Brasília time), by the League of Nations. The match is valid for the third week of the competition.

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