BRB is questioned at CLDF for outsourcing legal services

posted on 01/07/2022 06:00

  (credit: Credit: Agência Brasilia )

(credit: Credit: Agência Brasilia )

District deputy Leandro Grass (PT-PcdoB-PV Federation) presented a request for the president of the Legislative Chamber, Rafael Prudente (MDB) to request clarification from the Bank of Brasília regarding the role of lawyers in the financial institution. Grass’s request is based on two issues: the outsourcing of legal services and the role of clerks as lawyers in cases related to BRB.

“Given that Banco de Brasília has its own legal body, why is there outsourcing of legal services?”, asks the parliamentarian in the request sent to the presidency of CLDF. The deputy notes the inconsistency in the BRB personnel policy. While there are lawyers approved in public competition at the subsidiaries in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, the bank still uses private offices to deal with legal issues. On this point, Grass recalls that the public selection notice for the BRB provides that the capacity can take place “in any state”.

Finally, the opposition parliamentarian questions the performance of clerks within the scope of the BRB. He mentions a public civil action that addresses this practice. Grass asks if there are any law clerks at the bank.

Career path

The controversy over BRB’s legal services has dragged on for years. In 2009, the bank signed an agreement with the Public Ministry of Labor in order to include the position of lawyer in the career and salary plan. The agreement, approved by the 14th Labor Court of Brasília, expressly determines: “BRB is prohibited from appointing any bank employee to exercise the position of lawyer as a gratified technical function”. In order to preserve the principles of legal certainty and administrative efficiency, the agreement allows – on a precarious basis – the performance of four clerks who at the time performed legal services at BRB.

After more than 10 years, the situation, which should be temporary, remains. In October 2021, the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Defense of Public and Social Heritage recommended to the president of the BRB, Paulo Henrique Costa, “prevent the exercise of public jobs with similar attributions in the companies of the conglomerate by people recruited without prior public tender”.

The Attorney’s document expressly mentions the subsidiaries BRB-Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento SA, Cartão BRB SA, BRB Administradora e Corretora de Seguros SA and BRB Serviços SA

A source detailed to the Correio the extent of the BRB irregularities observed by the Public Ministry. “Even before the public tender approved and in force, BRB hired 28 outsourced law firms to provide legal services, despite a reserve record containing 31 approved. Each firm has several lawyers and the contracts are millionaires. need for service and budgetary-financial availability for appointments.”, he says.

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