“Brothers” in “Pantanal”, Marcelo and Guta kiss and cause shock when caught

Julia and Marcelo in

Julia and Marcelo in “Pantanal” (Reproduction Globo)

Guta (Julia Dalavia) will be shocked by the arrival of Marcelo (Lucas Leto) on his father’s farm in “Pantanal”. The two had an affair in São Paulo when they still didn’t know each other’s identity.

Upon witnessing Marcelo’s arrival, Guta will try to stay away, but he won’t be able to control the attraction he feels. “I think his only mistake was that it took so long to come. I’m not speaking for the oxen or the farm, I’m speaking for myself”, he vents.

Then Guta says that he has always loved Marcelo, but the young man will be shocked and will try to avoid his half-sister’s advances. “I don’t even know what sin is anymore. Whether it’s telling you that or continuing to hide what I feel for you”, Guta shoots. The two will kiss and will be caught by Zefa, who has no reaction to discovering the affair.

In the next chapters, the drama will change when it is discovered that Marcelo is not actually Tenório’s son. The information will help the couple to finally get together, especially after the end of Guta’s relationship with Tadeu (José Loreto).

Marcelo x Tenorio

Marcelo (Lucas Leto) has no illusions about the real work of Tenório (Murilo Benício) in “Pantanal”. The young man has already realized that his father is a squatter and gets his money illegally, and he will challenge him by not agreeing to work with him in the farm’s business.

While in São Paulo, Tenório invites his son to work with him after managing to close a deal using the business plan suggested by him. Marcelo, however, will say that he prefers to find honest work elsewhere. “Better to be an employee than an accomplice. And my father was never more than a big bastard”, laments the young man.

Revolted, Tenório threatens to beat his son, who is not intimidated and says he is not afraid of his father’s empty threats.

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