Cascavelense sells house doors to go to Anitta’s show

It sounds crazy, but for Dyego Maximo it was an investment!

The Cascavelense who sold his doors to go to Anitta’s show spoke exclusively with CATVE and says that the feat is due to a 2017 promise. When watching Rock in Rio Lisboa, he declared that in the next edition he would watch the artist in Portugal.

No sooner said than done! He already had a one-way ticket to the European country but he hadn’t bought a return ticket, so he bought it on his credit card and forgot to pay in installments. At the end of the month, the invoice arrived by email and was shocked by the high value. In desperation, what he could do was sell the apartment’s inner doors—which he already planned to replace.

With the money in hand, he paid off all the debt and, as he said: he can spend money in Europe without having to pay in Brazil.

“Do I regret it? Not at all”, says the Cascavel resident. Dyego still recommends the experience of going to a Rock in Rio.

This is not the first time that fans of the popstar sell what they have at home to go to the show, the ex-BBB 22 Vyni told on the program that he sold the gas cylinder. newsroom

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