“Could have been elected already”

At an inauguration in Sobral, full of symbolism, Mayor Ivo Gomes (PDT) emphatically praised Governor Izolda Cela (PDT), thanked her for her work for the municipality and spoke of the pride of having her at the head of the Executive Power.

“A governor who could very well have been elected already and is serving a term as governor-elect of Ceará”, he said at the end of the speech, in front of Izolda. It was the most emphatic defense of Izolda made by one of the Ferreira Gomes, at a time when she was contesting the right to run for re-election, with three other pedetist names.

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The speech was made on the night of this Thursday, 30, at the opening of the Casa da Mulher Cearense Maria José Santos Ferreira Gomes, in Sobral. The equipment is named after Ivo’s mother, Ciro Gomes (PDT) and Cid Gomes (PDT).

“I’m very proud to have a governor of Sobral. It’s not just that. It’s having a competent, hardworking governor. It hurts with people’s pain and puts the pain into practice”, emphasized Ivo. “Very happy to know that another product of the Sobralense policy was quickly revealed”, he added.

Ivo was responsible for launching Izolda into public life. In her brother Cid’s second term as mayor of the municipality (2001-2004), Ivo was Secretary of Education and invited her to be assistant secretary. “Actually, I resisted a lot. I was surprised at the invitation. (…) I tried to get rid of it anyway”, she said, in an interview with the Blue Pages of O POVO, in 2013.

“For me, the competence, efficiency, willingness to work is not surprising. Just looking at Izolda’s schedule makes me tired, just reading it. Which are its characteristics that I’ve known for a long time. It has a ‘ macharau’ here that you are meeting now. I’ve known him for a long time”, emphasized Ivo.

The mayor of Sobral detailed Izolda’s effort to get that work out. “This building, at the pace it was at, was going to be ready in October, November, and look there. Then, four weeks ago, five at the most, Governor Izolda Cela arrives and puts on a female puppet, demanding that the work be ready .”

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