Cruzeiro, Raposo and Raposinho mascots will have a new visual identity

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Raposo and Raposinho will have a new visual identity on Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro’s business director, Lnin Franco revealed this Thursday (30), during the Superesportes Interview podcast, that Raposo and Raposinho, mascots of the celestial club, will have a new visual identity.

Asked when the changes will be made, Lnin said that Cruzeiro has not yet set an exact date. According to the director, the celestial dome analyzes important phases of the characters’ redesign process.

“It’s difficult to set the date because the change is not merely a design. I need to be technically ready. The modernization goes through a multitude of details. When we are going to redesign them, not us, we will bring someone specialized in this aspect to the department “, said.

Lenin also explained that the modernization process for Raposo and Raposinho could be a little time consuming. The project will only get off the ground when all commercial possibilities for exploring the use of mascots have been discussed and analyzed by Cruzeiro’s directors.

“If I wanted to do it anyway, to see it in English, I can do it, but the idea, and the great advantage of being an SAF, is that when working with term of office, we work with structuring. We have time to do a business that structured and that the processes stay in the company. This is an important thing”, he pointed out.

Fox for various audiences

Also according to Lnin, Cruzeiro is thinking of creating mascot shapes in products aimed at audiences of different ages.

“The baby Fox for a children’s product, the teenager Fox to make a ‘teen’ product, the angry-faced Fox for an audience, the passionate Fox for another audience. The idea to do something really very structured,” she concluded.

Salom mascot back?

fox salom
photo: Publicity / Cruise

Raposona Salom was created in June 2020 by Cruzeiro

According to Lnin, Raposona Salom will return to the mascots of the starred club: “It will return and it will also be redesigned, it is included in the program of Raposo and Raposinho a Salom”, he said.

Maria Salom da Silva, 86, died on December 10, 2019, in Belo Horizonte. She felt sick at Mineiro during the game that decreed the relegation of the celestial team to the Second Division of the Brazilian Championship.

Salom became known for her love of Cruzeiro. She didn’t miss any heart club games. Always very cheerful, she represented the healthy rivalry of football, since she was respected by all the fans.

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