Datena appears on Band and confirms withdrawal from Senate candidacy

Presenter José Luiz Datena (PSC) withdrew from running for a seat in the Senate in this year’s elections. The announcement was made at the beginning of the Brasil Urgente program, on Band. The communicator is the leader of polls for voting intentions in São Paulo.

“First of all, I would like to leave my word of affection for the President of the Republic who this morning made a statement that he had chosen me as the candidate of São Paulo. And that was exactly what was agreed, but I thought about it and decided to follow the my way. But thanks to him for confirming the agreement that happened, it wasn’t on his part that it didn’t work out. When I considered running for the Senate, for other positions in these elections, in other previous ones, I kept the same preferential ally that accompanies and who is also accompanied by me since the beginning of my career”, he said.

Datena had announced a vacation from TV Bandeirantes starting tomorrow (1st), when the electoral law comes into force. According to the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) Elections law, no candidate can be part of programs on television and radio from this date, if they want to run in this year’s election.

This morning, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) declared support for Datena. The two had lunch together on June 21, outside the government’s official agenda, as part of a gesture by the Federal Chief Executive to convince the communicator to enter the dispute as part of the ticket of former minister Tarcísio Freitas (Republicans- SP), the Bolsonar candidate for the government of São Paulo.

“I’m with Datena there, I closed with Datena, he’s in the other party and there’s criticism, just like there are people who criticize Tarcísio, who criticize me. We can’t pacify the deal”, he told supporters.

Exame/Ideia poll, published earlier this month, showed Datena at the forefront of voting intentions for the Senate in São Paulo. The presenter appeared technically tied with former governor Márcio França (PSB).

Despite having signed support and thanking Bolsonaro today, the presenter has criticized the president before. Last year, when denying that he would be vice president of any of the presidential candidates, he said he had no identification with the president.

Datena has already given up 3 other times from elections

In the last three elections, Datena was predisposed to run for senator, mayor and vice mayor, but ended up giving up the candidacies.

In July last year, he joined the PSL. At the time, it was speculated that he would run for president, which Datena later denied. In November, he migrated to the PSD, with the intention of becoming a senator. But in April of this year, he joined the PSC and “made his name available” to the party.

Remember Datena’s pre-candidacies

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