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Presenter José Luiz Datena (PSC) announced, this Thursday (30), that he gave up running for the Senate in São Paulo. He would dispute the seat on the ticket of Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Datena was considered a favorite in the fight for the position. The presenter is in front of his program on TV Bandeirantes, Brasil Urgente, this Thursday afternoon, which disables his participation in the election. He opened the attraction with a statement about the withdrawal.

Electoral legislation requires pre-candidates to step away from TV as of June 30. It is the fourth time that Datena tries to enter politics and gives up.

TV Bandeirantes had announced that the communicator would go on vacation from this Friday (1st). On Tuesday (28), he told the report that he was still willing to run.

When announcing the decision, Datena confirmed that he had reached an agreement with Bolsonaro to be his candidate for the Senate in São Paulo and exonerated the president of blame for the withdrawal.

“Thanks to him for confirming the deal that happened, it wasn’t on his part that it didn’t work out”, said the presenter.

“But I thought about it and decided to go my way”, he continued. “[Meu público] is that ally that I never missed and would be with me at the polls now in October and would vote for me, and I think it will continue.”

This Thursday morning, when speaking to supporters in Brasília, Bolsonaro said he had “closed with Datena” in São Paulo.

“I’m with Datena there, I closed with Datena. He’s in the other party and there’s criticism, just like there are people who criticize Tarcísio, who criticize me. We can’t pacify the deal”, said the president.

Still in the notice about his withdrawal, Datena made an indirect reference to the Bolsonarista wing that was against his candidacy on Tarcísio’s ticket and pointed out criticisms already made by him to the president and his relationship with the PT in the past.

He said that the politicians with whom he negotiated the candidacy will understand his departure. “I ignore, of course, certain radical groups that antagonized and antagonize me, that weighed heavily on this decision.”

“Politics is not my natural space,” he said. “It is possible for me to fight for the common good in many arenas that exist there. Everyone knows mine. I will always be with my audience, of that I have no doubt”, he said, declaring himself “always in defense of democracy and the Brazilian Constitution “.

“I have confirmed, and I have no doubt whatsoever, that I can and must continue to defend the population of the rostrum that I have occupied for so many years. Always in her name, I have always lived for her and I live for her. And so I decide to continue living.”

Datena said that this time he “almost was” a candidate. In 2016, he considered running for mayor of São Paulo. Already in 2018 he thought about running for the Senate, while in 2020 he could have been a candidate for vice mayor on the ticket of Bruno Covas (PSDB).

His new withdrawal opens a dispute between Bolsonaristas for the seat on Tarcísio’s ticket, at the same time that it opens the way for a candidacy of Márcio França (PSB) to the Senate.

PT members expect France to announce, in the coming days, its withdrawal from running for the Bandeirantes Palace and to support Fernando Haddad (PT), occupying the vacancy on the ticket for the Senate.

as showed the Sheet, the pessebist admits this hypothesis. Datena’s favoritism, however, was a disadvantage for France to choose to run for the Senate.

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