deadline for sending the annual declaration ends today

DASN-MEI 2022: delivery ends this Thursday (30)

The deadline for submitting the Simplified Annual Declaration for Individual Microentrepreneurs (DASN-MEI) comes to an end this Thursday (30th), which will have to settle accounts with Leão by the end of the day.

The submission of the DASN-MEI is mandatory even for entrepreneurs who have submitted the 2022 Personal Income Tax (IRPF) declaration, as they are different declarations: one referring to the individual and the other to the legal entity of the entrepreneur.

Everyone who acted as MEI in 2021 must deliver the document, regardless of the period of operation in the year and the amount raised. Those who made the formalization only in 2022 will only make the declaration in 2023, referring to this year.

Those who are ending their activities as micro-entrepreneurs must also send the document, but in a different form, called a Special Declaration.

The DASN-MEI is available on the official website of Simples Nacional and can be filled out until today, at 11:59 pm.

The statement must include the total gross revenue from the previous year’s activities. Microentrepreneurs who did not obtain any income must also declare, filling in the billing amount with R$0.00 and finalizing the filling.

Anyone who made a new hire in 2021 must also enter this information in the appropriate field that will appear throughout the declaration.

One way to find out how much gross revenue the MEI had last year is by adding up the invoices. Those who filled out the Monthly Gross Revenue Report over the months will find it easier at DASN-MEI, as it is enough to add up the amounts for each month and report.

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