Delphina Aziz hospital staff show symptoms of intestinal infection; concessionara investigates causes | amazon

Employees at Delphina Aziz hospital showed symptoms of intestinal infection on Wednesday (29), in Manaus. The concessionaire of non-clinical services that works at the hospital said it will investigate the causes.

According to the concessionaire OZN, employees who felt the symptoms of intestinal infection work in the administrative area of ​​the hospital.

An employee who did not want to be named said that shortly after lunch on Tuesday he began to feel unwell. “From Tuesday to Wednesday I left the hospital with stomach discomfort. When I woke up at dawn on Wednesday I was already in pain and diarrhea. I went to work and more than 60 people were reporting the same symptom,” said the worker.

The employee further explained that, after the cases of intestinal infection, the company that provides the meal to the hospital stopped serving juice. “On Wednesday I even had lunch in the cafeteria, but I noticed that juice was not served as usual, they served soda. After lunch on Wednesday I couldn’t stand it and went to the hospital. place,” he said.

“The institution has already taken all reasonable measures and care for the investigation into the cause of the cases presented and reiterates that the hospital food service has strict quality controls,” OZN said in a statement.

Still according to the concessionaire, there are no reports of patients and doctors with similar symptoms in the hospital complex. Only part of the administrative team showed mild symptoms.

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