Denilson reveals that Luciele Di Camargo was ashamed of the relationship

Former football player Denilson opened her heart and revealed that the beginning of her relationship with Luciele Di Camargo it wasn’t just tranquility and love, according to him, the then-girlfriend was afraid to publicly assume the relationship.

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In an interview with the podcast Fala, Brasólho, the former star said that the singer’s sister Zezé Di Camargo I didn’t think it was a good idea for the picture to have a romance with a football player. “First, Luciele didn’t want to assume me at the time. We spent many months dating in secret and I wanted you to disclose. For her, the football player had a terrible image. So, we stayed in hiding for six or seven months,” he said.

Not only that, when Luciele Di Camargo finally decided to introduce him to the family, Denilson was not well received by Emanuel, brother of the then girlfriend: “I enter the room and all, Emanuel enters, he looks at me like this, greets his sister and says to his wife ‘love, let’s go, let’s have lunch somewhere else’, he passed me and left. I was waiting for him to talk to me, it was the biggest mood”.

Luciele Di Camargo and Denilson, Photo: Reproduction/Internet
Luciele Di Camargo and Denilson, Photo: Reproduction/Internet

Denilson emphasizes that today he has a good relationship with everyone. “Today I have a good relationship with all the brothers and Emanuel is one of the ones I have the most relationship with, besides Zezé”, he added.

Former football player Denilson returned to expose the singer Beautiful due to his debt of R$5 million that until today has not been paid by the artist.

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