Dog falls from boat and swims for two days to be reunited with her family

A dog fell into the sea during a storm and was reunited with her owners after swimming for two days to reach land.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the dog Jolie appeared on Friday (24) on a beach in Aguilas, in southeastern Spain, and was left with the local police by people walking by the place and who found her.

“On Friday night, a family that was on the beach gave us a dog that they found on the coast of Cope, in Aguilas. The animal was taken to a shelter and we started work to find its owners”, explained a spokesperson. police voice.

The officers discovered that she was using a microchip that had been installed in Denmark. After taking her to an animal rescue centre, they were told of a call from a woman saying that a friend’s daughter had lost her pet dog during a storm while sailing to Ibiza.

“We received a call from a woman in Cádiz, informing her that she had received a call from a friend in the United States, informing her about an incident involving her daughter. The woman was sailing in the Mediterranean with her husband and dog Jolie and they were heading to Ibiza. But the vessel was hit by a storm, which caused the animal to fall into the sea. The owners tried to find and rescue it, but without success.”

After authorities confirmed that Jolie spent two days swimming to reach shore, the family went to the police station with the certainty that it was their dog. When they arrived at the scene, the animal reacted positively by recognizing its owners. The identification also included the recognition of the Danish chip that was on the dog’s collar.

Officials believe that when Jolie fell overboard during last week’s storm, she remained in an area located more than 160 nautical miles from the mainland.

“Its owners received the good news and they went to the nearest port which was Calpe, north of Benidorm. Soon after, they arrived in Aguilas to pick up Jolie. Thanks to the microchip, they were sure that the animal that reached us was the same dog that fell into the sea. Jolie is a true survivor. A lovely end to an amazing adventure story,” the police spokesperson concluded.

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