Durant asks the Nets to be traded and has a desire to play for two teams next season; understand scenario

Brooklyn Nets star does not want to remain in the franchise and welcomes a possible move to the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat

Kevin Durantstar of brooklyn netsrequested a franchise change this Thursday (30), sources told Adrian Wojnarowskigives ESPN. Rich Kleiman, Durant’s manager, told ESPN who is working together with Sean Marks for a franchise swap on the athlete’s part.

As the Nets prepare to move one of the most valuable trading assets of all time on the market, the entire list will be available to discuss in deals, sources told ESPN.

Teams have been calling Durant, and the Nets are sure to look for a historic comeback in players and draft picks.

O Phoenix Suns it’s the Miami Heat are among two of the teams Kevin Durant has on his bucket list, sources told ESPN, but the Nets plan to move Durant to where they can get the best deal possible. With a four-year contract, there is no shortage of teams willing to have Durant.

Durant and Kyrie Irving had no contact with the Nets after Irving opted for a deal on Monday, and there was a sense of inevitability that Durant would end up asking for a trade, the company learned. ESPN.

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