Embraer’s ‘Tech Lion’ airplane success with 100% SAF in one engine

Image: Embraer

The aircraft manufacturer Embraer and the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney announce this Thursday, June 30, that they have carried out a successful test with the GTF engine in the E195-E2 aircraft using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF acronym). in English, Sustainable Aviation Fuel).

The test, carried out with one of the engines using 100% SAF on the plane that has the beautiful “Tech Lion” livery, proved that the GTF engines and the E-Jets E2 family can fly with both engines with up to 100% SAF, without compromising safety or performance.

The aircraft completed two days of ground testing at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, later resulting in a further 70 minutes of flight testing at Vero Beach Regional Airport in Florida.

Image: Embraer
Image: Embraer
Image: Embraer
Image: Embraer

Currently, Pratt & Whitney engines and Embraer aircraft are certified to operate with a blend of up to 50% SAF added to Jet A/A1 kerosene, as determined by ASTM International.

Future specifications will allow blends of up to 100% SAF to maximize the potential to reduce emissions from the use of fuel derived from sustainable, non-fossil raw materials.

“The E2 is already the most efficient single-aisle aircraft on the market today, saving up to 25% CO2 emissions compared to previous generations of the aircraft. The reduction of emissions can reach 85% when using 100% SAF. The replacement of old aircraft with new generation products and the use of SAF in production are the two most effective actions in commercial aviation to achieve a significant reduction in emissions”, said Rodrigo Silva e Souza, Vice President of Strategy and Sustainability at Embraer Commercial Aviation.

“This test demonstrates that the E2 is ready for certification and 100% SAF operation once the industry finalizes fuel standardization,” added the executive.

Graham Webb, Director of Sustainability at Pratt & Whitney, said this test proves that GTF engines can run on any fuel and that the E2 family of jets is ready for 100% SAF certification once the industry finalizes standards for pure SAF. .

The SAF used by Embraer and Pratt & Whitney was 100% SPK of esters and hydroprocessed fatty acids (HEFA-SPK), purchased from World Energy.

HEFA-SPK is a specific type of hydrotreated renewable feedstock used in aviation and is considered one of the main alternatives to replace conventional aviation fuel by the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI), due to the sustainability of its feedstock.

Image: Embraer

Information from the Embraer Press Office

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