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The National Telecommunications Agency has until September to decide whether all cell phones sold in Brazil must use input USB-C for energy recharge. The measure would bring direct impact on apple and not iPhone, which has been using the Lightning standard for many years. According to the agency’s superintendent of Grants, Vinícius Caram, the new rule would come into effect in 2024.

This week the body started a public consultation whose proposal has everything to be acceptedaccording to the TechTudo with industry sources. People and companies have 60 days to contribute to the topic, which is also examined by authorities from the European Union and the United States. Slowly an international consensus is formed that goes against the interests of the largest technology company in the world.

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Charger with USB-C output — Photo: Vitor Grama/TechTudo

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In an exclusive interview with TechTudo, Caram argues that consumers’ lives will be easier with just one recharge pattern. In addition, people will be able to reuse the components they already have in new smartphones, which reduces e-waste on the planet.

Check below the main points of the conversation with the director of Anatel. Excerpts have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Lightning connector has been in use since 2012 — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

TechTudo – What is the motivation for the public consultation?

Vinícius Caram, from Anatel – The agency currently carries out the certification and approval process for cell phones, chargers and connectors. This measure comes from dialogues we have with the market, as it is a worldwide trend. European Union, United States and other countries are moving in this direction. 85% of vendors use USB-C. The single standard provides security for the consumer and prevents electronic waste, in addition to facilitating the fight against piracy. It may be that the final decision will be even more comprehensive and impact other electronic devices.

Is Anatel picking a fight with Apple? Some people regard this as interference with a particular company.

Currently 85% of the market is in a standard [em referência ao USB-C] and 15% in another [o formato Lightning, usado no iPhone]. It would be more efficient to have just one thing. That’s why standardization makes it easy. The user would be able to easily use a third party charger. This is not a hold on technological development. If new recharge formats appear, our technical staff will evaluate them.

When would the measure take effect?

It all depends on the contributions. If it goes ahead, it will apply to cell phones launched from 2024 onwards. Nothing changes for current devices. Even the proposal would be the same for cell phones with the micro-USB input, which is still common in cheaper models.

Is the tendency to approve the measure? What’s the schedule from now on?

We would not even have put it to public consultation if we had doubts about the forwarding of the topic. The line is to move forward with the new standard. First, we have to respect the contributions, which occur on the Anatel website. Any person or company can manifest within a period of 60 days, which runs until August 28. Then the reports go to the Superintendence of Grants, which needs to give a return on all contributions. We hope to have a final decision in September.

Has Apple commented on the matter?

We haven’t had any collaboration so far.

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