Fátima Bernardes says that lunchtime was her ‘terror’ at Globo

Fátima Bernardes recalled the beginning of the 'Encontro'

Fátima Bernardes recalled the beginning of the ‘Encontro’

Photo: João Cotta/TV Globo

Fátima Bernardes already had a consolidated career when she left journalism for entertainment, but that didn’t stop her from feeling the natural difficulties of someone starting a new job. The presenter missed having her ‘pot’.

In the first days of the ‘Encontro’, Globo’s food court became the main ‘terror’ for the journalist. The insecurity was revealed by Fátima during a conversation with Lázaro Ramos on her show on TV Globo.

“The food court was my terror. You enter a place where the tables are collective, everyone talking, and I still didn’t have a big team, I had my director Alexandre Matoso, some people, but we weren’t always together at the lunchtime,” he explained.

“It was painful because I thought: ‘Where am I going to sit?’, ‘Who’s going to ask me to sit?'”, he added.

Fatima may face similar problems soon. The presenter says goodbye to the command of ‘Encontro’ this week after 10 years to take charge of ‘The Voice Brasil’. Globo’s daily attraction will be presented by Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares.

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