Fortaleza gets complicated in Libertadores repeating Brazilian mistakes – 06/30/2022

There was no lack of support from the fans at Castelão and even the lawn, which used to be terrible, was in more reasonable conditions.

Fortaleza also did not deny delivery and courage in going to the round of 16, in their debut in Libertadores, against the traditional Estudiantes. It is always a team that seeks to install itself in the opposing field and leaves 100% of effort, even with the logistical difficulties of a team from the Northeast crossing Brazil, playing five competitions in the season and still alive in three.

The challenge was great, but the Argentine team, led by Ricardo Zielinsky, underwent a reformulation in relation to the great campaign in the group stage of the continental tournament. He lost the good midfielder Pellegrini, made signings and, as a precaution, the coach closed his team in a 5-4-1, which turned into a 4-4-2 in the attack, with Castro and Zuqui alternating in the advances to get closer to the inexhaustible idol. Mauro Boselli.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda knew the need to build some advantage at home and his team attacked with the mobility of Pikachu starting from the right wing, Juninho Capixaba opening the field on the opposite side and Lucas Lima trying to articulate for the Romero-Moisés duo in the usual 3-4 -1-2 of the Argentine coach.

But Fortaleza has been showing chronic problems that did not compromise the campaign in the group stage and the mobilization for the classic with Ceará minimized in the Copa do Brasil. In the Brazilian, however, in which the regularity in the construction of results weighs, the team has been sinning too much. It is not by chance that he returned to the bottom with the defeat of Atlético in Mineirão, after opening 2 to 0.

Offensive actions flow, the team has volume. But he misses many chances, like the one Moisés lost in the first half, after an individual play in which he managed to dribble past goalkeeper Andújar. With 59% possession, he finished ten times, but only twice on target. Estudiantes also completed a decade, but four towards Marcelo Boeck’s goal.

It lacks forcefulness at important moments. Pikachu does what it can, again it’s the standout individual. Often compensating for Lucas Lima’s low intensity. At least in Libertadores, Silvio Romero shows a vocation for goals. He made his fourth in the competition and opened the scoring.

But it was enough for Zielinsky to keep Boselli company with Leandro Díaz in Castro’s place and a more creative guard on the left – Rollheiser, hired from River Plate – in Zapiola’s place, for the Argentine team to articulate a good attack on Pikachu’s back, a side effect of the Vojvoda’s offensive proposal, which Landazuri failed to cover and winger Más served Díaz to equalize.

Then it was despair and another good chance wasted at the end, by Igor Torres, who replaced Romero and maintained the low effectiveness of the attack. A problem for the return in La Plata.

Despite Fortaleza’s bravery, and even considering that reaching the knockout stage is already a profit and an elimination, even if regretted, would give the calendar a breather, Estudiantes’ favoritism, which was already great, expanded with the 1-1 In Ceara. But Vojvoda’s team has already shown overcoming power at other times.

But it’s not easy to “turn the key” from the Brazilian to other competitions. Defects go along with virtues, even more so when there is no time to train and correct.

(Stats: SofaScore)

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