Girl becomes a millionaire selling lemonade with her great-grandmother’s recipe

Mikaila Ulmer proved to everyone that she is not old enough to start a business. At age 11, she became a millionaire after betting on a homemade lemonade recipe, made by her great-grandmother.

The girl decided to sell the lemonade at a stall in front of the house, in the United States. In a short time, she saw the family’s recipe succeeding all over town, and today, Mikaila has distributed the lemonade across the country.

Today, at 17, the teenager is the executive director of the company “Me & The Bees Lemonade”. Accomplished, Mikaila said that the way here was a lot of work and required some sacrifices, but she is very happy with everything she has achieved.

family recipe

Mikaila says she first got the idea to sell lemonade when she was just four years old when she received an old cookbook from her great-grandmother. That’s when she found a lemonade and flaxseed recipe from the 1940s.

At 11, Mikaila already knew the recipe by heart and made it for the whole family. She then decided that she would sell it to the neighborhood.

The girl set up a tent on the street during the summer and started selling the recipe, as is the custom of many Americans.

Word of mouth about the lemonade among the neighbors reached the owners of a local pizzeria, who immediately placed an order, and that was how the bottling of the product began.

“I did it all by myself at first,” Mikaila remembers. “As the business started to grow, I had to admit that I couldn’t do it alone. That’s when I asked my parents how to get a logo, a manufacturer and how to distribute it to more stores.”

first big contract

It helped that both parents had degrees in business: Mom D’Andra specializes in marketing and sales, and dad Theo works in operations.

By the age of 15, Mikaila Ulmer’s name was known across the United States. But the boom came after her appearance on the television show “Shark Tank”.

In the attraction, a businessman donated US$ 60 thousand to inject strength into the business. This appearance led directly to her being received by the then President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Mikaila’s business was already a national brand: today, flaxseed lemonade is sold in around 2,000 stores in more than 40 US states.

“I don’t think there is a limit or any specific guidelines on who can become an entrepreneur who can start a business,” Mikaila said.

Social project

The great twist Mikaila gives to lemonade is no secret. She said she added some honey.

The idea came because she has always been afraid of bees, having been stung as a child. The girl then wanted to turn a bad memory into something positive.

After becoming a successful businesswoman, Mikaila decided that she would open a foundation for the care of bees. Today, she allocates a portion of the company’s income to organizations dedicated to the care and support of the life of bees.

Now in 2022, Mikaila is firmly at the forefront of the company and has even started to diversify: now it has included peach juice, iced tea, mint and ginger. She also created a line of lipsticks made with beeswax.

Mikaila said that there are no limits for anyone, but we must always remember one very important thing: “Dream big and don’t forget to dream like a child”.

Milkaila distributes lemonade across the US - Photo: publicity

Milkaila distributes lemonade across the US – Photo: publicity

Mikaila says that there are no limits to undertake - Photo: reproduction

Mikaila says that there are no limits to undertake – Photo: reproduction

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