Golden Retriever is rescued by police in sewer pipe after being missing for two days | pets

Lilah, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, was rescued by a police officer in the sewer pipe after being missing for two days.

The case took place in upstate New York, USA, this weekend. Lilah had been missing since Friday (24). Two days later, on Sunday (26), her owner Rudy Fuehrer was walking with two more animals through the same area when he heard plaintive barking.

“I said, my God, it’s Lilah,” recalled Fuehrer when reporting the story to AFP. He then called the emergency services asking for assistance in rescuing the animal.

Officer Jimmy Rasaphone’s only way to rescue was to crawl through five meters of sewer pipe. Upon finding Lilah, Rasaphone was able to get a leash on and out of the grip.

“He crouched down and literally disappeared into the hole with a leash that had a leash,” said the dog’s owner. After a while, Lilah and Rasaphone emerged soaking wet, but safe and sound.

In an interview with AFP, Fuehrer said he was grateful for the police’s compassion and initiative and also said that Lilah had recovered well from the scare.

The case was also shared on the NYPD Facebook page.

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