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Google announced in June that it will distribute 500,000 scholarships for courses aimed at training professionals in areas with high demand in the job market. In the first stage, the company will offer 30 thousand bags and Applications must be made by July 13.

Interested parties can apply for scholarships on the website of the Company-School Integration Center (CIEE), Google’s partner in the initiative, available at this link.

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There are four courses available, each with around 200 hours of lessons and can be taken online at the pace of each student. CIEE recommends booking around 1h30 a day to complete the course within the six months it will be available.

See more about the Google Technology Courses Scholarship Program.

What are the courses offered?

See the four courses available and the actions of professionals in each area, according to Google:

  • IT Support: troubleshoot problems so computers and networks work properly;
  • Data analysis: collect, transform and organize data to help make informed business decisions;
  • Project management: ensure that projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value;
  • UX Design: make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use.

The first was available since 2019 and the others were released by Google in Brazil in May this year.

All are available on the Coursera teaching platform. The courses can be taken by anyone who pays for the subscription on the platform, but will be free for those who receive the scholarships. The forecast is that they will be released to fellows from August.

According to the CIEE, which will select and monitor the students, certain requirements must be met to be considered for the scholarship:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be a student or graduate in high school or technical course, or be attending higher education;
  • Have an interest in learning and/or working with technology;
  • Have a device with internet access;
  • Have an email account to register for the selection process, register on the platform, register for the course and receive communications;
  • Not be a CIEE, Google or Coursera contributor or intern.

The entity claims that no prior experience or knowledge of course content is required and what will it give priority for people of color, LGBTQIA+, women and the low-income population.

Of the 30,000 scholarships offered at this stage, 2,000 will go to transgender people. According to Google, the objective is to encourage social inclusion and the labor market.

A survey by the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra) shows that only 0.02% of this group is in university, while 72% do not have high school and 56%, elementary school.

The registration and selection process will be done by CIEE One, a platform that gathers tests for interested parties to understand if their profile matches the profile of the course.

If there is a “match”, just apply for the course and wait for an answer about whether or not the scholarship will be released. The platform is also used in other selection processes organized by CIEE.

Those selected for Google scholarships will be able to take the course in up to six months, during which time they will have exclusive monitoring that will help them in the progress of classes. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate issued by Coursera.

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