“He needs to change…he’s been positioning himself in a way…”

The complicated situation experienced by Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain, who would have informed the Brazilian striker that he no longer intends to count on him in the squad, continues to yield. While some treat the player’s moment as humiliation and decline, Denilson, a former striker for the Brazilian national team, said in an interview with the podcast ‘Fala, Brasólho’, by Desimpedidos, on YouTube, that Neymar needs to undergo changes, but the team’s five-time champion canarinho highlighted that PSG striker already shows maturity.

“He needs to change, and I think he’s already changed his behavior. In every way: positioning off the field, declarations. Everyone will make a mistake at some point, but then you have to learn, and I think he he has positioned himself in a different way in recent years. This demand he has, sometimes I think he has no idea, as I had no idea of ​​a demand he had on me. From the press, fans , from this criticism that we make, sometimes I think he doesn’t have the idea of ​​what we demand of him. We see the differential in him, so sometimes I don’t know if he has this notion that he is the differential” , began by stating.

Denilson highlighted that Neymar is a differentiated athlete. “On the other hand, thinking like the athlete, it’s good sometimes not to have the notion that you are the differential. Neymar, for me, was always very clear, he being happy on the field, he messes up. personal or professional life, it reflects a lot on his football. I was like that too, so much so that my parents didn’t even call me before a game to say ‘your sister fell, hurt, she’s in the hospital’. I just knew something after the game. Neymar, today, may be that he is better controlling this, this responsibility, he knows what it means for the Brazilian team. I think Brazilian fans criticize a lot, he is a phenomenon. The subject Neymar always yields a lot, for better or for worse, and unfortunately, in recent years, always for the worse, they see Neymar spoiled or something. to win because it is collective, but he is differentiated. He plays the fine ball he is the best better,” he added.

The former player also gave a hunch about Neymar’s likely fate. “I think that if he were sitting here, Neymar would answer ‘I would go back to Barcelona’. I think his great desire is to return to Barcelona. I think he has no regrets, but his great desire is to return. There are two points there: is it true that it was a request from Mbappé? If it is a request from Mbappé, it already creates an internal environment inside the locker room, because the president is not in the locker room every day, the director is not every day , who is there every day are the players. It already creates an atmosphere of the star of the team with another star, which is Neymar, terrible.

Denilson also continued commenting on the theory that Mbappé had asked for Neymar’s departure “Secondly, for Neymar it is bad to have news like this, that a player of Neymar’s caliber has this news that he is being released from a team, is free in the Third point, triggers in the contract that would automatically renew until 2027, and that contract has already been automatically renewed. So it’s not like ‘Neymar, thank you, we don’t count on you, you’re in the market’. You have a contract until 2027 and it’s a ‘cheap’ contract (laughs). There are several things there, but for me the main thing, regardless of the financial issue, is the work environment. If this really happened, Mbappé saying ‘chair, open the door, I don’t want to ‘, that blows the team apart.”

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