Hospitalized after stroke, gospel singer Sérgio Lopes should be discharged in the coming days, says hospital | Rio de Janeiro

the gospel singer Sérgio Lopes, who suffered an ischemic stroke and was hospitalized last Monday (27), should be discharged in the coming days, according to a note released by the Paulo Niemeyer State Brain Institute (IEC). According to the health unit, his health condition is stable.

“The patient underwent imaging tests and is still assisted by the multidisciplinary team on duty. The forecast is that the patient will be discharged in the next few days”, read an excerpt from the note.

According to the singer’s wife, he has a speech disorder and has lost movement in his right arm and leg.

Family says on social media that gospel singer Sérgio Lopes suffered an ischemic stroke — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Sérgio Lopes is 59 years old and is from Campina Grande, Paraíba. He started to get involved with art in his teens, when he got involved with theater and started composing.

He always dedicated himself to Christian music and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1982 to pursue a military career. He remained in the Marine Corps for 15 years. He also holds a law degree.

On Sérgio’s social media there are messages from President Jair Bolsonaro and supporters wishing the singer well.

This month, he announced a pre-candidate for federal deputy and stated that he aims to defend the church and Christian values.

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