Immigrants killed in Texas truck: Families still don’t know they died

Wanda Pérez hugs Laura Yohultlahuiz during vigil for the dead migrants

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Wanda Pérez hugs Laura Yohultlahuiz during vigil for the dead migrants

“Look at me: do I look like an American to you? Do you know how many times I was called to bean-eater (expression used pejoratively in the US to refer to Latin Americans, especially Mexicans, which can be literally translated as “bean eater”)? How did I see my mother enslave herself to get some official documents? And you ask me why this moves me so much?”

At the vigil in honor of the migrants found dead on Monday (27/06) in an abandoned truck in San Antonio, in the US state of Texas, and those who died later in the city’s hospitals – 53 people in total, 40 of them men and 13 women — Wanda Pérez Torrescano can’t hide her anger.

“We are honoring people whose families still don’t know they died, who are still waiting for that phone call that says, ‘Mom, I’m at the border, I’m fine,'” she says energetically, microphone in hand, in front of the dozens of people gathered at the Wednesday (6/29) at Travis Park in downtown San Antonio.

“And I know this because I’ve been on the other end of the phone.”

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