In a bikini, Viviane Araújo sunbathes on a beach day and enchants fans

About to enter the eighth month of pregnancy, Viviane Araújo took advantage of the sunny day to go to the beach and delighted fans by sharing the record of the leisure time on her Instagram. In the image, the actress appears lying on the sand, showing her pregnant belly.

In this ocasion, The famous posed wearing a short bikini and sunglassesflaunting her powerful curves while taking her sunbath. “I love beach! I love sun! And you, my loves, do you also enjoy a beach? Tell me!”interacted Viviane Araújo in the caption of the publication.

Already in the comments, fans were delighted with the beautiful photo of the actress and quickly left lots of compliments and loving messages for her. over there, netizens also observed the mark of the baby’s supposed little foot on the artist’s belly.

“I think Joaquim likes it too, look at his little foot in the photo…”, pointed out a follower. “He kicked, look at the shape of his tummy with his little foot kicking it”, mentioned another fan. “Too wonderful,” praised one netizen. “Just perfect”, declared another admirer.

dream of being a mother

Despite having become pregnant at the age of 47, Viviane Araújo told the magazine Quem que Being a mother has always been a big dream in her life. However, she considers that she got pregnant at the right time. She is currently married to William Militao.

“I always dreamed of being a mother, from a young age this was something that was always with me. It was kept here inside me always. There are moments when I said ‘I think it will go now’. But then it didn’t happen. I believe because it really wasn’t supposed to happen. I really believe in that, that everything has its moment and the right time. When God really wants it, he makes things happen in our lives”she declared.

According to Viviane, she has spent a lot of time in her life prioritizing her professional life. Now, she has finally dedicated herself to personal accomplishments.

“And then it was a matter of time, here comes work too, which took a lot of time… I always put work ahead of this pregnancy issue and it went on. Until I met my husband, we fell in love, got married and now our son is coming. So it’s because it was really meant to be then, it was meant to be now, that’s the way I see it.”said the artist.

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