“It shouldn’t be wasted”; Argentine side is unemployed and Nação campaigns to hire him in place of Filipe Luís


Defender is free on the market and can hit any club

- Filipe Luis, side
© Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF– Filipe Luis, side

Filipe Luís arrived at Flamengo in 2019, he did very well that year and also in 2020, but he has been in technical and physical decline since last year. It’s not the same anymore and many Flamengo fans are already criticizing Dorival Júnior’s insistence on putting him to play, often even as a starter.

This season, Mengão brought Ayrton Lucas, which can be purchased if the player manages to reach more than 60% of the year’s games. It is already known behind the scenes that the Filipe Luís will not have the contract renewed; the bond ends now in December and there is no movement for its permanence, something that really shouldn’t happen.

This Friday (1), Flamengo fans “discovered” that left-back Fabrízio Angileri no longer has a contract with River Plate and is thus free on the market. He is 28 years old, still has an age for many high-profile years. In the Argentine press, the side is considered very good and he chose not to renew with River because of the management’s conduct.

To give you an idea, Filipe Luís arrived at Flamengo at the age of 33 and is now 36. Argentine Fabrízio Angileri is 8 years younger. Many Mengão fans are tagging Marcos Braz, vice president of football, on Twitter so the manager is already moving and closing a contract with the athlete who is free in the ball market.

“Filipe Luís will not stay at the club. At least he shouldn’t. He hasn’t even played good football. A market opportunity like this should not be missed by @Flamengo @marcosbrazrio I would already bring a player to the club to take over the side or take turns with Ayrton Lucas”, said a red-black.

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