Julia Dalavia, Guta from ‘Pantanal’, says she is bisexual

Julia Dalavia, 24, Guta from “Pantanal” (TV Globo), claimed to identify as bisexual and said she is a woman who takes the reins of her own sexuality.

“I try to take the focus off it, because it’s something very natural. Whether I’m bi or not, straight or not. I like people, who I identify with and connect with. There are so many nice people in the world, that I don’t know if I can fit into something or another”, said the actress, in an interview given to the newspaper O Globo.

When addressing the topic of sexuality, Julia explained that she is comfortable in the provocative and sex scenes of the 21h soap opera. The actress also said she doesn’t mind appearing nude, as long as the take isn’t free and helps tell the story.

In the plot, your character has to deal with the discovery of the second family of her father Tenório, played by Murilo Benício. For Julia, unlike the plot, she believes that the truth must always be the way. As a teenager, the actress recalled a betrayal by a boyfriend.

“It’s very annoying to hear about it from third parties. I dealt with it the way I know how, which is dialogue, but I would prefer that this kind of thing be brought up and resolved within the relationship. My wish is that the truth always reveals itself”, she evaluated.

Another issue faced by Tenório’s daughter is incest. Therefore, Julia needed to delve deeper to bring veracity to the plot in which she falls in love with her supposed brother. “It must be the worst thing in life to feel something like that. I can’t even imagine it,” said she, who has a brother four years younger. “The art of storytelling is not judging circumstances, but letting them happen,” she added.

Speaking of the serial, the mother, the beautician Márcia dalavia is a unconditional supporter and said that she doesn’t miss a chapter of “Pantanal”. Asked about her daughter’s sex scenes, she said she didn’t mind. “I look at it very naturally. I prepared Julia for life, I always tried to give her decision-making power, make her an independent woman. And it worked. She is safe”, explained Márcia.

The mother in fiction, Isabel Teixeira, highlighted as Maria Bruaca, also praised her daughter in the plot. “We are from different generations, but there is a lot of exchange between us. I love this girl. We did very strong scenes together, and it even makes me want to cry. I remember a scene in which Tenório tells his story, then Maria Bruaca tells how they met. When I saw that scene on the air, I was delighted with Julia, because one of the hardest things for an actor is knowing how to listen, and, at that moment, she was very surrendered. I thought it was beautiful. She’s a great actress.” , said Isabel.

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