Leo Dias leaves the country on vacation after exposing Klara Castanho and warns celebrities: “I keep names”

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Columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, used social media this Thursday (30) to comment on the flood of criticism he continues to receive due to the exposure – and revictimization – of actress Klara Castanho. Metrópoles issued a note on Tuesday (28) informing that it will not fire the columnist, despite the strong pressure he suffered on social media.

Leo Dias reinforced the apology he made on Sunday (26) and announced that he will spend a period traveling with his boyfriend, publicist Gilberto Júnior. He posted a ticket purchased to Jordan and the United Arab Emirates on social media.

The journalist also tried to play the victim, saying that he was the target of “a lot of hate” and said that he will “keep the names” of those who criticized him. “I made a mistake, I apologized and the hate I received… I don’t hold any grudges, okay? Let it be clear, I keep names, just names. Starting tomorrow is a new stage in my life”, he said.

In a note published on Sunday, Dias said he was approached by an employee of a private hospital and that Klara talked to him about it. Even after committing not to expose the story, Leo Dias did. He told the story to people close to him – and behind the scenes at the Press Trophy – and spoke about it indirectly on Danilo Gentili’s The Night program, which contributed to the exhibition. Then, after an open letter from the actress, he gave details of what happened on her blog.

While traveling the world, Leo Dias may have to respond to a lawsuit at the Ethics Council of the Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District. The National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj) called the agency alleging that the columnist violated the Brazilian Journalist’s Code of Ethics.

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