Leonardo’s son exposes who Eduardo Costa is and what he did in a small room

Eduardo Costa and Leonardo had a very intimate relationship until the middle of the year before last, when the two ended their friendship because of the ‘Live Cabaré’ controversies.

However, Eduardo Costa was very present in the lives of the ex-friend’s heirs and had an action revealed by Pedro. In a new chat for André Piunti’s YouTube channel, Pedro Leonardo recalled the serious vehicle accident that almost killed him in 2012.

Leonardo’s son explained that after a month in a coma, Eduardo Costa was one of the first to visit him in the hospital. For those who don’t remember, the artist’s accident generated a commotion throughout the country. Pedro had trauma to the skull and injury to the peritoneum, which is a tissue that covers the digestive organs.

Fortunately, Leonardo’s son won the battle for his life and exposed one of the great moments of his improvement, still at the doctor’s. “I don’t remember when I woke up, I remember switching rooms lightly. I even remember my last week of treatment, it was when I had a visit from Eduardo Costa”, said Pedro.

Leonardo’s son praised artist

Then he told what the artist did with him in the small room of the place. “Eduardo took the guitar, sat with me in the living room, pulled out the guitar and started singing,” he said. According to Pedro, Eduardo’s visit was vital for him, as he needed good friendships. “My God in heaven, this is what I like, why am I here, sir? Get me out of here”, declared Pedro Leonardo, revealing what he thought at the time.

Because of the music, he was sure he needed to get better. “He sang, I said: ‘I’m going to do my treatment, I want to get as good as this guy so I can continue singing for all of Brazil,’” he reported. Despite the desire to continue with a career in music, the singer took a break from the artist’s life and now lives with his wife and children.

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