makeup artist exposes client who pretended to pay and finds pattern

Makeup artist and digital influencer Lívia Brigolini, 17, from Conselheiro Lafaiete (MG), decided to expose on social media a client who made a false payment via Pix, then disappeared, and ended up discovering dozens of professionals who had gone through the same situation as her. . After the virtual complaint, the woman was exposed by other service providers who were victims in a similar way.

Lívia received the client in her salon on May 31st. The woman claimed to have been referred by a hairdresser who was a friend of the professional (who was also not paid).

I’ve never taken other people’s slips, but she’s already famous for that here in the city. They’ve already opened a case report and no one solves it. It turns out that the subject doesn’t spread, because she pretends that nothing happens, goes on with life, and no one has the courage to do anything.

“I didn’t notice it at the time, because supposedly she had left and paid me. I only went to see the next day that she didn’t have the amount into account”. The voucher in question was a screenshot, not a PDF, as a transaction receipt is normally issued by pix.

The client tried to trick the digital influencer with a fake PIX - Image: Personal Collection - Image: Personal Collection

The client tried to trick the digital influencer with a fake PIX

Image: Image: Personal Collection

The young woman published the report, with the woman’s photo, a week later, after numerous attempts to contact to charge for the service without success, since the woman claimed to be in Belo Horizonte, 100 km from the salon’s municipality.

To UOL, Lívia said she realized that women only invest against professionals, whether they are aesthetics, shop owners or bars. “These are people who are running for service and can’t check on time (the receipt). She puts the value in evidence and, for those who are running out of time to serve other people, the print is enough”, says the young woman, which claims to have received more than 30 reports of similar action from the client.

After the exhibition, Lívia received a message in a tone of despair from the client, who in addition to paying, even gave her extra money.

After posting about what happened, the influencer managed to receive, including with a "extra" to say that "got wrong" in the complaint - Image: Personal Archive - Image: Personal Archive

After posting about what happened, the influencer managed to receive, including an “extra” to say that she was “mistaken” in the complaint

Image: Image: Personal Archive

After much insistence, Lívia deleted the post, but made a new video without exposing the client’s image telling the case. Since June 7, the mining company has had 2 million views and almost 800 comments.

O UOL got in touch with Lívia’s client, denounced on the networks, using the same phone number used in the conversation with the makeup artist, but she limited herself to saying that she was “not aware of the situation”.

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