Man drops R$6,000 ring in lake during marriage proposal

A man has prepared a romantic surprise for his girlfriend by taking her to a paradise setting to propose to her. However, the special moment turned into a frustrating episode when he dropped his £1,000 engagement ring into a lake.

The incident was filmed and shared on TikTok, where it reached over 3 million views.

Ross Bamber, 26, of Norfolk, England, organized a trip with girlfriend Geri Ashforth, 23, to Watton in the countryside. In the late afternoon, he took her to the edge of a lake, on a deck filled with candles to create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

In the recording, Geri appears touched by the scenery, while Bamber prepares to kneel in front of her to propose. But upon opening the ring box, the gem quickly falls to the deck floor and slides into the lake.

The man and his companion despaired of the situation. Some friends who were at the scene were called to dive into the lake and help rescue the ring. But without success.

In an interview with the Southwest News Service, Ross Bamber claimed that he was disappointed with the outcome of the episode, especially after the time it took to prepare the surprise for his girlfriend.

“I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even kneel down. I took the ring out of my pocket and when I opened the box, the ring fell out. The ring bounced a few times and then fell through the deck openings,” he reported.

Bamber thought about ignoring the situation, improvising the proposal with an engagement ring that was already on Geri’s finger. However, the next day, he decided to buy another ring and went back to the lake with his girlfriend to make the proposal again, taking care not to lose the jewel again. And she was finally able to say, “Yes.”

Bamber still hopes to find the original engagement ring. According to him, the lake’s owners are cooperating with the search, so much so that they resorted to a metal detector.

“I spoke to the lake owner and he’s happy to help us find the ring. Geri was pretty upset about the whole thing,” he explained. “On the day of the accident he was shocked and reacted, ‘Tell me it wasn’t what I thought it was.’ I replied, ‘Yes, I’m sorry.’ She didn’t want to look or even open her eyes.’

Ross and Geri, both mental health professionals, met in 2017 while working at the same nursing home, but didn’t start dating until 2021.

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