Mariana Goldfarb says she’s ‘angry’ after pitbull attack

The model Mariana Goldfarb spoke on her social networks about the pitbull attack that she, her husband, Cauã Reymond, and the actor’s daughter, Sofia, suffered in the condominium where they live on the 12th. According to the neighbors, the dogs belong to rapper Orochi, who will be investigated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro for crimes of mistreatment of animals, omission of caution in keeping or driving animals and danger to the life or health of others, as reported by O Globo. The singer denies owning the dogs.

Mariana began the video, posted on her Instagram, saying that “it’s not the pitbulls’ fault”:

“The pitbull was ensuring the safety of his house. If we’re passing with a rottweiler, so be it, it’s normal for the dog to defend the house. So, it’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the fault of whoever left the door open. That’s the person responsible for the dogs. So, sometimes, we get angry with the dog itself, but we actually have to know what dog you have at home,” he said.

Then, the influencer gave more details of what happened.

“Fortunately we were with Romeo [cão da família]because Romeo, even though he was one, put both [cães] to run, even on a leash. So Romeo defended the whole family. Literally, we were all,” he continued.

She concluded the message by saying she was “angry” about the situation and asking the dog owners for more responsibility.

And, yes, I was very angry, because they hurt my dog. Very angry, and I’m still very angry. And if we hadn’t had Romeo there, who knows what could have happened. So guys, be more responsible, okay? Because nobody’s life here is for gambling like that, no.
Mariana Goldfarb

Reply from Orochi

wanted by splashOrochi’s press office stated that the rapper and the actor spoke after the incident: “The situation with them is resolved,” said the singer’s team.

Cauã Reymond’s advice confirmed the information: “The rapper contacted Cauã Reymond via message and everything was resolved between the two. Cauã is even a great admirer of Orochi’s work”, concluded the actor’s team.

The pets attributed to the rapper, however, are accused of attacking other dogs and neighbors in the luxury condominium in Joá, south of Rio de Janeiro. According to O Globo, the artist’s neighbors reported that their three pitbull dogs walk — without a leash or muzzle — outside their mansion. On this, Orochi stated that the accusations against him are contradictory, as the dogs are not his.

“The alleged facts are contradictory and will be duly investigated in the judiciary. The dogs are not my property, as in all the alleged episodes of dog escapes I did not have any action or omission that allowed the dogs to escape. still unexplained intention to attribute to me, perhaps the only young black owner of a property in Joá, the label of ‘criminal'”, he said.

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