Marquinhos received tips from Cuca, ex-Atlético-MG, to draw Ceará’s victory in La Paz – Play

Coach Marquinhos Santos won the first victory as coach of Ceará and overcame, in addition to The Strongest, the altitude of more than 3 thousand meters of La Paz. The coach highlighted the athletes’ commitment, criticized the match played at Bolivian altitude, but also revealed that he received tips from a coach who has already made history in the country.

Cuca, a former Atlético-MG coach, was the first coach to win with a Brazilian team at the Hernando Silles stadium, in 2003, and was sought out by Marquinhos to receive tips on the best strategy to face the Bolivian team.

“I will report a conversation I had with Cuca, who was the first coach, I believe I was the first Brazilian club to win here with him in charge, in 2003. And I talked to him and he gave me many tips on how it would be and could… really the way he spoke was what happened”, reported the coach of Vozão.

In the sequence, he details how he executed the plan to surprise the Bolivian team. “The first half was studied. The first half we had to hold back a bit. The goal conceded was a function of time and the speed of the ball. But we had personality, tranquility and serenity. they were necessary due to wear and tear, due to disengagement. And, I mean, you can’t do miracles in football.

little working time

The coach also defended himself against criticism and highlighted the short period of work. “The change of command is different, it has its peculiarities. I didn’t have time to work, I didn’t have time to train. There were four 20-minute training sessions. But these warriors here are awesome, they managed to assimilate, they are trying and are doing And, today the goals went through this strategy, the turnaround went through this strategy. It is the exclusive merit of these athletes that Ceará has that are honoring this shirt and want to conquer something great for the Vozão fan”.

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