Medicines are in short supply in the SUS in São Carlos; see the list

Medicines are in short supply in São Carlos. (Photo: Pixabay)

Almost ten drugs, including antibiotic drugs, for the treatment of hypertension and urinary tract infection, are lacking in the public health system of São Carlos. In the region, in Ribeirão Bonito, the situation is no different, with 25 compounds with committed stock. Check the lists at the end of the report.

According to the São Carlos Health Department, the main problem in the supply of medicines is the state government’s. The Dose Certa Program has been failing in deliveries, which leaves patients with continuous use “on hand”.

Saúde has tried to stop the problem with its own purchasesbut the entire market is in high demand and low supply, says Health Secretary Jôra Porfírio.

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“We are having great difficulty in Dose Certa, but it is a worldwide problem because of a raw material that we are not getting. All inputs depend on this material that is derived from iodine. We are having difficulties for specific tests, not only medicines” , explains.

The problem of lack of medicines on the market has signs of generalization. Research by the Regional Council of Pharmacy of the State of São Paulo reveals that 98.5% of pharmacists in São Paulo work with some drug in shortage. The survey covers public and private pharmacies and philanthropic institutions, such as Santa Casa.

“Many you can’t find to buy. They are antibiotics that you don’t even know in pharmacy and in the City Hall is no different. There is delivery: you buy, but then it depends on the suppliers. We are waiting and they claim they have difficulties in delivery. completely zeroed, but the difficulty is very great”, he added.

A survey by the Health Department made available to the city on reveals that there is a lack of medicines against anemia, hypertension, allergy. Antibiotic, bronchodilator and depression drugs all have empty spaces on shelves. (See the list at the end of the article)

According to the Council of Municipal Health Secretaries of São Paulo (Cosems) listed more than 40 missing substances. Simple remedies such as dipyrone, ketoprofen and saline make up the majority of shortages.

In Ribeirão Bonito there are 25 formulations missing. The list includes drugs for diabetes, anxiolytics, schizophrenia, blood circulation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension and even morphine. (See list at end of article).

What does the state government say?

Sought, the State Department of Health did not answer to the questions in the report.

Check out the medicines that are missing in São Carlos

Iron hydroxide, solution for injection;

Amlodipine, besylate, tablets (cpr);

Amoxicillin, 250mg/5ml, suspension;

Furosemide, 40 mg, cpr;

Loratadine, 10 mg, cpr;

Ibuprofen, 300 mg, cpr;

Nitrofurantoin, 100 mg, cpr;

Salbutamol, 100 mcg, oral spray;

Sertraline, 50 mg, cpr.

Check out the medicines that are missing in Ribeirão Bonito

Desvenphalaxine, 50 mg;

Lorazepam, 2 mg;

Dapagliflozin, 10 mg;

Latuda, 20 mg;

Latuda, 40 mg;

Latuda, 80 mg;

Pentoxifylline, 400 mg;

Lisdexamfetamine, 30 mg;


Kombiglyze XR, 2.5mg + 1000mg;

Zolpidem, 10 mg;

Nimesulide, tablet;

Cephalexin, 250 mg/ml;

Loratadine, 1 mg/ml;

Prednisolone, 3 mg/ml;

Gliclazide, 60 mg;

Eliquis, 2.5 mg;

Eliquis, 5 mg;

Glyxambi, 25/5 mg;

Benicar, 20 mg;

Lixiana, 60 mg;

Morphine, 10 mg;

Morphine, 30 mg;

Entresto, 97/103 mg;

Janumet, 50/1000 mg.

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