Microsoft cancels several Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

Game subscription services are on the rise, recently Sony officially launched the new version of PlayStation Plus, which has a large collection of games for PS3 (streaming), PS4 and PS5.

However, Microsoft currently dominates the game subscription market with its Xbox Game Pass, a service that already has more than 25 million subscribers worldwide (data from April this year).

But it’s not all good news involving the service, as Microsoft recently announced that it discovered a group that was reselling the service illegally. Such resellers bundled various standard Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and converted them to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Then they sold the service normally on various sites on the internet, as if it were Microsoft’s original Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In the end, Microsoft decided to track these subscriptions and canceled them entirely. It also claims that it notified users. It is worth mentioning that no one was banned in the course of all this. Microsoft recommends that users purchase Xbox Game Pass from verified retailers.

‘We found a select number of subscriptions that were purchased through sources that violate the Microsoft Services Agreement. Subscriptions must be purchased directly from Microsoft’s digital store or through verified resellers.’

Microsoft did not provide the number of people who were affected and also made it clear that it will not release any data on users who have had their subscriptions canceled.

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