Migrants in Mexico celebrate US decision to end Trump’s immigration program – News

Asylum seekers returned by the United States to Mexico under a restrictive immigration policy introduced by Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision ending that program, three days after the case of the immigrants killed in Texas.

For priest Javier Calvillo, director of the Casa do Migrante, programs such as Stay in Mexico, which forces asylum seekers to wait for their cases to be resolved in Mexican territory, cause tragedies such as that of the 53 illegal immigrants who suffocated in a truck in San Antonio, Texas.

“They didn’t die, they were killed (…) because of these agreements, these strategies, these moves like Stay in Mexico,” Calvillo told AFP.

The United States Supreme Court on Thursday authorized President Joe Biden to end the program.

The decision “is a step forward for us (…). We are happy because the goal is to reach the destination. People don’t leave the house because they want to go out,” Nicaraguan Pedro Antonio Rizo, 41, told AFP at the Migrant House in Ciudad Juárez.

Biden “is making the best decision because he knows it’s very dangerous to wait here,” added Cuban Rafael Mendoza Ramos, who lives at the shelter, one of three in the Mexican city that host asylum seekers in the US.

“We are all very happy because we have been separated from our families for a long time,” Mendoza Ramos, 38, told AFP.

He left his hometown of Mayabeque, Cuba, leaving his wife and teenage son because, after taking part in the July 11, 2021, protests, according to him, the Cuban government ordered his resignation. Ramos fears further reprisals.

He has been in Ciudad Juárez since May 10, where he has felt exposed to “a lot of dangers, a lot of crime”.

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