New peak of covid-19 demands full attention to vaccination

In Minas, a new peak of coronavirus cases is about to arrive. The projection, released this Thursday (30/6) by the Secretary of State for Health, doctor Fábio Bacheretti, during a meeting of the Covid-19 Extraordinary Committee, indicates an increase in cases probably even greater than that for the first two weeks of July. the current 122% – incidence rate in the last seven days. “This growth is expected and justified by seasonal factors, such as the cold period, May and June, and the post-holiday of Corpus Christi, which also brought dammed data”, he said.

The alternative to face the effects of the pandemic is the vaccine, Baccheretti pointed out. He also addressed the current vaccination data in the state, with emphasis on the coverage of the second dose of childhood vaccination, which has not yet reached 50% of children between 5 and 11 years old. “Although there is no significant increase in the number of hospitalizations of children with covid-19 and the adherence has jumped 10% from the last presentation of the committee until today, the vaccination of this public is essential to avoid serious cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome”, pointed out.

To advance in the challenge of guaranteeing immunization for children from Minas, he explains that teams from the State Department of Health (SES-MG) have visited cities in the interior to carry out active search training, one of the strategies to inform parents and guardians. about the importance of completing the vaccination schedule against covid-19.

Another way to fight the disease is the inclusion of the second booster dose for the adult public. According to this Thursday’s Vacinometer Panel (30/6), 17.50% of the target audience has already taken the vaccine for the fourth time.

“Vaccination is our main form of protection against covid-19 and the most serious forms of the disease. So much so that the increase in the incidence of cases has not directly influenced the volume of hospitalizations or deaths from coronavirus”, he reinforces.


Also according to the secretary, the peak expected for the next two weeks does not represent a fourth wave or a new strain circulating in Minas Gerais. “We continue as a national reference in the fight against covid-19. Our lethality rate is 1.7%, against 2.2% in Brazil. The indicator means that the vaccine saves lives, prevents deaths. In addition, it protects, because most new patients who are already immunized have mild symptoms, calm conditions”, he observed.

The doctor also highlighted that the current indicators of the number of hospitalizations and deaths are much lower than in previous years, also thanks to the arrival of the vaccine and the adhesion of the Minas Gerais population to the immunizing agent. “I can’t say enough: the more coverage, the more security,” he warned.

In Minas, 89.51% of the adult population took the first dose; 83.79% the second; 62.11% the first booster dose and 17.50% the second. Among children, 70.26% are immunized with the first dose and 44.91% also with the second.

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